Doug Wilson Cancelled

Anthony W. Brooks

Though this seems like old news and far from productive, I have noticed the debate is just now coming to a simmer, and eventually will be boiling hot. I am a long time member (though not consecutively) of the Reformed Pub group on Facebook. I remember when the group was only 8,000 or so members. This was before the 2CV inquisition was in full swing and before My Little Pony memes were relevant. Those were the good days when one could post their beers and books and get a good laugh on Brandon Craig day. Now we’ve gotten big, doctrinal disagreement is no longer tolerated, serious disagreement is shut down, and people’s names are erased from the archives of Jedi History. A lot has changed. I think the Pub has become a Fascist state.

So what am I referring to? Well, on November 11th, a day after my Birthday, I received this post in my messenger inbox from a friend….

“Pubsters,There are a number of topics that the administrators of the group have decided are not fruitful for conversation in the Reformed Pub.Although we recognize that Doug Wilson is a figure that exists within the orbit of Reformed theology, for a variety of reasons, we have observed that threads related to him are not productive in our group.For this reason, and many others, we have decided that references to Doug Wilson are deleted. Although this does not, by definition, extend to those in his circles (his family, CREC churches and pastors, and other associates), we sometimes delete those as well.Thank you for your cooperation and compliance. If you have any questions, please reach out to an admin.”

“Although we recognize Doug Wilson… exists… For this reason, and many others, we have decided that references to Doug Wilson are deleted (aka cancelled).” That is literally how I read it, and, honestly, how I think the admins intended for it to be read. All the while threatening banishment from their makeshift cyber Geneva for daring to spar with the city council. If you do you are quickly rebuked and forced to read ten R Scott Clark (RSC) articles on the evil of Doug Wilson and his heretical form of Federal Vision (along with his articles proving bigfoot exists and that unicorn farts smell like cupcakes).

But the pub is not the only place where there can only be one opinion. Apparently RSC has some fans, one of them being Christine Pack who posted a very long and horribly informed thread on twitter that we are all supposed to read and believe. Here’s the thread:

She somehow makes the connection between Jeff Durbin, James White, Apologia, Summer Jaeger, and the FVers of the Cross Politic crew. Sure, they do stuff together, but this doesn’t mean that FV is resurging, that Baptists can magically transform into FVers, or that FV is even returning through Doug Wilson or the crew associated with his church.

It’s honesty time…

I’m exhausted of this debate. It is honestly the stupidest phobia I’ve ever seen in the Christian Church. That, somehow, a man giving communion to babies is enough for people to draw up long twitter threads slandering him, taking events from his life out of context, and turning him into some kind of Child predator. Somehow, a man who believes there is objectivity in the New Covenant is now Voldemort. It is the most pathetic thing I’ve seen come from a Christian. Many of whom are seminarians and professors. But I guess you’ve got to get those clicks.Soli Deo Gloria…

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I am a husband, father, student, and classical Protestant Christian. My thoughts hold no authority, but they might help you shape the way you see the world. Who knows?

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