Skylarking for Skylarking’s Sake

Anthony W. Brooks

It may seem axiomatic to say that opinion and thought blogs either are full of troublemakers or are mostly ignored. My blog tends to be the latter, but I’m okay with that now. It is the equivalent of, “Hi I’m Anthony and I have a problem…” Hi Anthony!

But we can’t ignore the big picture here. Me jumping from rope to rope, topic to topic, lesson to lesson, basically wherever the wind takes me isn’t an issue. It is the simple realization that our lives are not some monolithic Shakespearean soliloquy but are the Neronic equivalent of the battle of Marathon running to and fro. No one can be expected to hit the high notes all of the time… sometimes you got to sing the bass.

Don’t be taken by the little things

I tell my wife often not to be upset by the little disappointments and afterwards she gives me a look of grave disappointment. The fact that I’m not in her shoes tells her that I can’t possibly understand her plight. Then I look at my feet and see I’m a few sizes bigger and I feel better. But I have learned that I can’t focus in on the little details all of the time. Searching for the little scruples might seem fun if you like that sort of thing, but in this blog I want to look for the bigger picture… I want to search the Christian worldview as a whole not as a puzzle piece.

Look at an oil painting sometime. If you focus in on an inch of the painting and see the individual brush strokes you won’t see the real detail. But if you look at it from six feet away you will see the whole beauty of the masterpiece. That’s why I can’t focus in on one topic or controversy for too long. It just doesn’t make since in my view of things. To me it’s like a monkey trying to drive a car… eventually the car will find a bridge, then water, then it’s not a car, but a porous submarine.

Scott Clark Owns a Porous Submarine

This is my problem with R Scott Clark. Not taking away from the man’s intellect but he is like a monkey driving a car… For a long time I followed his blog and enjoyed his content… it worked. But when he hit the FV drug again and got behind the wheel he ran off a bridge and boom, porous submarine. I feel sorry for his lack of authenticity, and then I look at my feet again and chuckle a bit.

Maybe I should Stop

At some point in a bloggers life they begin to realize when enough is enough… but like most indulgences we have to be told when to stop. Otherwise I will proceed to the vomitorium, return, and do it again. I never get tired of jumping from the mast, but if I miss a rope somewhere I end up looking like clam chowder on the deck. Eventually my wife will tell me to put up my computer and come to bed, but until then I will write into the sunset.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Published by A.W. Brooks

I am a husband, father, student, and classical Protestant Christian. My thoughts hold no authority, but they might help you shape the way you see the world. Who knows?

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