The Virtuous Ivory Tower

Anthony W. Brooks

I haven’t had an opportunity as of yet to smoke a cigar with brandy in hand and sit around and talk politics with the guys. That may be fun for some people but for me a good book and some Oreos are enough. Maybe it’s a lifestyle to look at the lower class working man as lesser than I am, but that kind of browbeating isn’t what God created me for. I have seen hard working people of all races and social standing and can tell you that it’s not about the money, but the integrity of the thing.

My extended family is not from my country of birth, but from south of the border, and no matter how hard they work they tend to stay behind their neighbors. The reason for this will remain with me, but just know that you might have it better than them. I just want to extend the thought that maybe being a native of this country has put some of us in an ivory tower that we ought not stay in.

Humility and Juxtaposition

Compare your current situation with someone you know who isn’t doing as well as you. What would you desire from yourself if you were in their shoes? Too often we look at how well we are doing on our best days, or paychecks, or shoe shopping trips and forget that there is someone we know who’s right big toe sticks out through a hole in their sneakers. Do we turn to the aspiring Jiminy Cricket and offer to buy him a pair? No, probably not, but how do we help?

It’s not about the shoes, but about Christ. The chances are the problem goes much deeper than the shoes. There is, underlying every depraved situation, a Christ problem. Something doesn’t go a way it’s supposed to because we have left God out of it. I believe that Christ is the only way to true joy and happiness no matter your social status. But alas I get ahead of myself.

Christ in the Architecture

Most people will try to turn my words here into a socio-political-economical whatchamacallit but I promise that it isn’t. There are amazing people of Christian faith in the gated communities of Cambridge Massachusetts and on Skid Rowe. Where you are and how much you have doesn’t rub me any differently. What I’m saying is recognize where you are and see if you see Christ in what you are doing and building for yourself.

Right now I am building a home that will, hopefully, glorify God. I’m starting late and am currently confronting my besetting sins. I am trying to set an example for my son and wife to live by. Don’t build your house and leave Christ out of the architecture. One day you will sell the house and someone will see him and might glorify him greater than you did.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Picture: Gargoyles On The Balustrade Of The Grande Galerie Photograph by Eugene Emmanuel Viollet-le-duc

Published by A.W. Brooks

I am a husband, father, student, and classical Protestant Christian. My thoughts hold no authority, but they might help you shape the way you see the world. Who knows?

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