Sending Our Children Into the Upside-down

Anthony W. Brooks

I don’t get much joy from writing about the end of western civilization (though some of you think I buy this joy in 50 gallon drums), but alas it is necessary to invoke my inalienable right to think and say what I want and you be okay with it. My hope in this is that the reader will see these reflections as a little bit urgent and might tuck it away in the back of their brain cavity to be convinced later of these views by someone who is more poignant and can speak more than 350 words.

I have talked extensively about raising our boys to slay dragons and what true dragon slaying looks like. Like Bilbo we are to mature and find the true armor that can defend us against such monstrous sin. But I’ve also said that this needs to happen in the home. There are three realms of government that God has ordained: the home, the church, and the civil. These three have different roles and when one oversteps it’s boundaries then the whole Biblical system falls apart. I know that I am mostly speaking from a theonomic and optimistic standpoint here but maybe, just maybe, I might be speaking Biblically as well.

The Government as God Incarnate

Some people when they get discouraged look to their parents for encouragement, some people look to the Bible, but for others, and dare I say the majority, look to the government to fix all of their issues. So if a single mom who works three jobs can’t find somewhere for her kids to go during the day so she can go to work where does she send them? I don’t need to tell you the answer because I think you already know the cliff this ship has sailed into.

My mother was a preschool teacher for 20+ years and she was a good one. Teaching 2-4 year old children how to read, write, count, even some Spanish and she had a thing about helping special needs children learning all of these things as well. There were certain boundaries that she wasn’t allowed to cross though, because the state could come in and site her. She would go to conferences and certifications where they would teach her how to make children “Cross their mid lines” and such, basically teaching her how to train the children to be prized stallions. This is all just a little bit cute but it one be in a second.

Emotional Paranoia

All of this leads to our current college and university scenario. Safe spaces, free teddy bears, and tearing down the Berlin Wall of the White patriarchy all starts with telling children to cross there midline after a temper tantrum. It basically says that “I can throw a tantrum over hearing a thing I didn’t want to hear so I will retreat to a place I don’t have to hear it and if I do hear it I will tear down that statue over there… so don’t test me.” This kind of emotional question begging isn’t cute, but futile. All it is doing is fulfilling the Orwellian prophecy of the Ministry of Love.

Keeping Things Short

So this is why I advocate for a classical education. All philosophies are discussed, all opinions are laid out on the table, and the first principals are taught. The home and the church can take back it’s realm of responsibility and allow the government to get back to it’s sphere of influence. This is the only way America and western civilization can be restored.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Picture: George Orwell writing Nineteen-eighty-four circa 1950

Published by A.W. Brooks

I am a husband, father, student, and classical Protestant Christian. My thoughts hold no authority, but they might help you shape the way you see the world. Who knows?

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