A Painful Lesson

Anthony W. Brooks

I don’t remember much of it. Maybe my head made an unwanted connection with the steering wheel, maybe just like I don’t remember the white Ford pickup truck coming at me, I didn’t remember what took place afterwards, but all I do remember is forcing my door open and seeing the remains of what used to be a 2004 Honda Pilot. My chest was throbbing and blood was coming out of my nose. My phone was nowhere to be found, oh wait, it was crushed in my pocket… that’s nice.

The wreck was sudden and over in a matter of seconds. The opposing vehicle was in a ravine and the driver crawled up to check on me. Was he okay? Was I okay? My SUV didn’t look okay. This was more than just a lesson of looking both ways before you turn. This was a lesson in providence. The cops, paramedics, and anyone with eyes could tell you that I shouldn’t have walked away with only a few broken ribs, cracked sternum, and broken nose. My engine wasn’t supposed to be halfway into the front side of my cab, but it was. You would think that this sort of thing kills people, but it didn’t. A head on collision at 60 mph is a hard impact, the airbag hurts, the seatbelt doesn’t feel good when it does it’s job. But none of that matters when the front end of your car looks like a tin can.

Looking at the Aftermath

I was taken to the hospital. We shared an ambulance and the ride was bumpy. Every motion hurt. The fact that I could walk should have been comforting but it was excruciating. Every step took something out of me. It was like being punched every time my foot touched the ground.

The other thing that bothered me was that this was the first car that my wife and I could call our own. We bought it together and all papers and titles were placed under our names. No car that I had before was this way. Only this one. Now it’s fate was to be drug across the scales and crushed. Why would God cause this?

A Lesson In Providence

The only answer I could give was that despite all odds I was not seriously injured. Yes, I lost my car, but I gained something else in return. My luck wasn’t luck. It was God’s hand that covered me from that collision. In all circumstances I shouldn’t have been okay. After I left the hospital my boss took me to the tow yard where my suv now sat mangled and twisted. I saw the deflated airbags, the displaced engine, how the dash was disfigured and the engine poked through. I saw what should have been my end, and I cried. The space around the drivers seat was perfectly intact. Even the back seats were disjointed, but the seat where I sat had not been touched. What kind of providence was this?

God had me. I know that. He was teaching me a lesson that hurt. He had the power in his hand to care for me and to hurt me. He could mend me and bruise me. I dare not challenge him, I dare not trampled underfoot the blood of Christ. My sin has consequences and now I knew a small picture of what those consequences could resemble.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Picture: My SUV in the junk yard.

Published by A.W. Brooks

I am a husband, father, student, and classical Protestant Christian. My thoughts hold no authority, but they might help you shape the way you see the world. Who knows?

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