All My Fears

Anthony W. Brooks

Things must get worse before they can get better. I know that. But I refuse to be a useless bystander living out of a refrigerator box in the alley behind my local post office holding up a sign saying, “Alms for the poor…”. I much prefer the prayer of John Knox “Give me Scotland or I die!” There is a fear I have that I can’t exactly place the root of where my son will grow up in a leftist dystopia where nothing is rational and everything is emotional.

The sort of revisionist categories that are being propagated in public schools, universities, mainstream media, social media, etc. is the result of extremist emotional propaganda rather than a firm standard. To this we ask by what standard they motivate these categories and the best we can tell it is subjectivism.

I was listening to a debate between a Christian theologian and a British journalist on the subject of Homosexual “marriage”. This debate was supposed to bring a case from both sides that was logical, rational, and factual. This is what it means to defend a proposition. All you got from the homosexual advocate was emotion and personal experience. The only piece of data he presented from his perspective was a rather useless piece of data about divorce rates in states that had not yet legalized same sex union. What was the standard? Where was the consistent argument that is required to make such a case? Why hold onto monogamy but deny the other categories of Christian normality? The answer? Subjectivity.

My Greatest Fear

What is worse than what YOU think is worse? That is how we all think. If 1,000 spiders is your worse possible scenario then all of us must think the same, at least in your head that is the case. My greatest fear is that this level of thinking will be codified into law for a time. This is the absurdity of postmodernists. “Submit to our way of thinking or we will make you not think at all…” It is madness. It is amazing to me how the Frankfurt School has survived in a land once idolized for it’s freedom.

There Has Arisen None Greater Than Marx

Harvard, Yale, Princeton, all of these schools that were once bastions of Reformed orthodoxy are all taken by revisionist categories of postmodernism. “God said? Who cares what God said? We are God!” That’s all I hear from them. The culture has been deformed, western values undone, madness has been codified into law. No standard but us in the 20th century only to be taken out and replaced with new law 20 years from now. An infinite regress of absurdity with no foundation. This is the error and circularity of the postmodern worldview and the illogical foundation of Marx. Marx knew how to blow up a system, but he failed to do it until now. I am amazed that Christians in a Christian nation have let this happen. This is why no greater false prophet than Marx has ever lived. His thought could be the end of western culture.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Picture: Karl Marx

Published by A.W. Brooks

I am a husband, father, student, and classical Protestant Christian. My thoughts hold no authority, but they might help you shape the way you see the world. Who knows?

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