Hello from a White, Heterosexual, Cisgender Male

Anthony W. Brooks

Trigger warning! I said hello. For all of you who think I’m not being sensitive enough to other cultures who speak not my native tongue, this warning goes out to you. I am speaking English and I hope you are offended.

Now with that said let’s move on to the point. I am the victimizer that the left is afraid of. I am the purveyor of unrest, murder, racism, sexism, patriarchy, misogyny, and injustice. Racial inequality is in my shadow, and your women will make all of my sandwiches. I will falsify your elections so that your black, queer, transgender women will not have office, and I will support the totalitarian Jewish state that has its Muslim neighbors under its boot. I want you to fear me and know that if you cross me you will most likely get pulled over by me for driving while black. I will plant drugs in your car and you will spend 20 years in prison for your great sin against me.

Well, probably not… This may be what the left wants you to think of me, but the truth is that I could care less about you. I am not propagating some white jurisprudential culture that is only designed to protect me and my puffed up way of living while holding all other races, sexes, and religions under my heel, but only trying to make it day to day off of a minimum Texas salary. You are insignificant to me in my day to day, and not because you don’t look like me or have a penis, but because you are not my concern. I could care less who you are, what color your parents are, whether you like men, women, your horse in your field out back, or if you are married to your chandelier. You are not my family and that makes you insignificant to me.

Let Me Qualify One Point

I’m not saying you don’t matter as a person, but only that I am not trying to keep you down. I am actually quite fond of several people outside of my immediate family. I am a member of a church and I love the people there. I also love the people I work with. I have friends that I spend time with and call on a regular basis.

Also it’s not that I don’t care about your soul. Sins of homosexuality and bestiality are issues and sins against a holy God but I don’t actively try to bring you down and put you under the boot for this. Honestly, I just want to be left alone.

One Quick Story

I visited a college campus and it’s Bible Chairs. Seeing the students that often went there to rest brought me great joy. One was run by the SBC and I decided to have lunch there. While having lunch I engaged a group of students that had matching shirts. These shirts had a rainbow that said “Gay and Proud of it…” so I asked them, “If I had a shirt that said ‘Straight and Proud of it…’ would that be allowed?” One of the students looked disgusted at this and said, “Why would you be proud of that? This country was built to benefit you.”

Now, I don’t know who put these thoughts in her head. If it was her parents I would venture to think that this was a form of child abuse. If her teachers or professors then academic negligence. If herself then insanity. But in any of these cases it is misinformation. The goal in her mind is to flip the script. Give the historically oppressed minorities the power over the former oppressors and put them under the boot of the black, queer, trans women president of her choosing. To her the penances of the past we’re not enough. Obergefell wasn’t enough, the Civil Rights Act was not enough, nothing is enough. We need the collective whole of White, Heterosexual, Cisgender Males to suffer in a historic manner like the minorities that she processes to care so deeply about.

The Root Problem

The issue in this girl’s mind is that of collectivism. She sees everyone in the category of groups and wants group justice. Western society was built on the concept of individual justice. The individual being evil or good, not the group. So to her the whole group of White, Heterosexual, Cisgender Males is evil because we have done evil in the past to her group of Gay, Queer, Trans, Black, Hispanic Women born in Toronto or something. This type of thinking goes against the principle of personal responsibility that is the bedrock of western society and she knows this. Why? Because that is the goal. Marxism is essentially group identity politics hell bent on tearing down western society because Marxists believe Western Civilization is evil.

Final Thoughts

I’m not here to hurt you. I know it is hard to believe, but I won’t shoot you in the back if you run away from me, beyond what the left thinks of my “group”. The truth is I want to be left alone, I do. I don’t want to hear how evil I am or what reparations I owe to the Black, Muslim, Bisexual community. I don’t owe them anything and, chances are, if I go back far enough, my ancestors could have been Black, Muslim, Bisexuals.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Picture: Real Clear Politics

Published by A.W. Brooks

I am a husband, father, student, and classical Protestant Christian. My thoughts hold no authority, but they might help you shape the way you see the world. Who knows?

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