The Dangerous Notion of the Christian Worldview

Anthony W. Brooks

I’ve always been a diverse thinker. I have read and thought through divergent opinions that may or may not have had similarities with my own. From dystopian novels, to skeptical allegiances, to radical fundamentalist works all of these views have one thing in common. They all have a starting point.

For the dystopian writer it is a disdain for the current position of the world. For the skeptics it is the surety that’s we cannot be sure about the existence of anything higher than ourselves. For the fundamentalist it is their cynical view of humanity’s progress. But I want to posit something to you that I think is both dangerous and true. But a qualification first.

Where I Am Coming From

I am not a cynical person. I tend to be hard to swallow at times, I lack empathy, and I am brash. I say what I mean and don’t do too much dancing around the totem pole of your feelings. This is a blessing and a curse because if I am taken the wrong way it leads to a lot of private reconciliation. Sometimes I speak the truth in love and forget the gentleness aspect. But don’t take me as a cynic. It tends towards blessing because that means I am easy to understand and don’t have to do much explaining.

Worldview Is Necessary

Looking at this from a starting point, we can uncover the implications of literally anyone’s beliefs systems. The saddest revelation I’ve ever had is knowing that there are people who do not know what they believe. I know plenty of people who are too concerned with justice, but do not know where they root that view on justice. At that point we can ask what justice even means anymore. Justice for women, justice for gay people, justice for black people, justice for poor people, does it even matter?

I want to assert that it doesn’t matter. Without a starting point nothing matters. Without a starting point we are all here to live for ourselves and die by ourselves without one iota of care for anyone else. Human companionship feels good, but if all we have is our own minds engaging in complex chemical reactions then how can we trust ourselves or our own minds to make the right decisions for human companionship? Without something higher than nature we are left in a deterministic and fatalistic way of thinking that is contrary to reason.

To get out of this quandary we are forced into thinking on the transcendent level. Something must exist higher than matter, motion, and chance. Something outside of time who created everything. Something like God. It is easy to assume that if God created everything then he knows everything. If God created everything he is powerful over everything. If he is intelligent and all-powerful, creator and sustainer, mover and motivator then he can speak and enter his own creation.

Some people think God is a far-fetched concept, but he is the exact opposite. He is the easier thing to believe. From God we can understand the problem of induction and solve it. We can rationalize how immaterial concepts like logic, arithmetic, and morals exist. We have an ethical standard about how we are to treat other human beings. We can do all of this without having to jump through any intellectual hoops. This is why worldview is necessary to think on and understand.

The Danger of The Christian Worldview

The danger is that this line of thinking can change your life and ruin relationships. Think about it this way. Worldview shifts are nasty. They are confusing. There will be a period of time where ignorance is the best you can afford. This will confuse those closest to you and possibly alienate them from you. They will be used to the old you, but this new way of thinking has birthed a new you. Because of this those closest to you may not want to be close to you anymore. But you know what. That’s okay. Because you have become more consistent in the process.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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Published by A.W. Brooks

I am a husband, father, student, and classical Protestant Christian. My thoughts hold no authority, but they might help you shape the way you see the world. Who knows?

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