A Call To My Generation

Anthony W. Brooks

Vagabonds. That’s what we are. If there is anything I’ve ever noticed about those born in the 90’s and early 2000’s we are vagabonds. Passionate, emotional, rebellious, and unstable. Narnians who wish to free our land from the tyranny of the ice queen. Unfortunately, this also means betraying the morals and values that once made us great. Our zeal has become our downfall.

What Happened?

Maybe it’s the fact that many of us only knew one of our parents. Maybe it’s because many of us were raised by grandparents, or had to work at the age of 14 to support our families. We never had an example of responsibility, morals, and hard work. We had to create these things from scratch. Postmodernism became our creed and we were okay with that. The band of rebels that occupied the universities in the 60’s and 70’s are now teaching us in those same universities today. A recipe for disaster. The downgrade has begun.

The problem here is that we see human happiness as the alter on which we sacrifice human morality. If all we are is animals then what’s euthanizing our spare children before they are born? We can’t afford them anyways… Especially with cost of living and schooling being so expensive. It’s all coming together nicely. At least that’s what we are to believe. What’s sacrificing a little freedom if we all get along? The problem here is that this thinking is toxic to human flourishing. We want to be free to think, but certain ideas are said to be too dangerous to flourishing. In the marketplace of ideas religious conservatism is the bottom of the intellectual barrel; it’s too radical and almost tyrannical to the outside group think tanks of the millennial and postmillennial generations.

The Call…

For those, like myself, who were born in the early to mid 90’s we are straddling two worlds, two ways of thinking. The world that raised us still had a sense of innate morality while the generation after lost all sense of it. Sure the boomer generation might have preached “love not war” and free thinking but that was a small portion. Remember that more of them were fighting in Vietnam than were marching on Washington. Now we are educating this entire country in this rebellious philosophy. If we don’t gain our senses now it might be too late.

I’m calling for a return to innate morality. Seeing everyone as human beings worthy of respect and dignity. I’m calling for returning to belief in God. It might seem old fashioned but that is what made the west great in the first place. Returning to something that makes sense instead of seeing the world as “no god above us, only sky…”

Too much has my generation been content with jumping from job to job to avoid responsibility, finding love on Tender, and enjoying emotionless sex. Real commitment doesn’t matter; it only goes as deep as having a fear of loneliness. We are impatient. We are way to complacent with getting information as soon as we press Enter. That is why we aren’t patient. We want change now and it is going to be what ruins us.

They don’t trust us… That’s their right

The previous generations look on us with disgust. I don’t blame them. We haven’t shown them anything worthy of respect. We’ve trampled their hard fought victories into the dust, rewritten history to benefit us, changed laws to keep us ahead while sacrificing their securities. We’ve told them we are entitled to what they have… We haven’t earned anything for ourselves. They put us through school, they built the companies we work for, they fought the wars we benefited from them winning; only for us to take away their reward. No wonder they don’t trust us. We are the poison in their food. This is how we repaid their hard work.

Final Thoughts

We can continue being vagabonds, renegades, revolutionaries, whatever you prefer… But I want to try to point that energy toward a better objective. Instead of tearing down the system that has worked for more than 240 years why don’t we improve it? Sure it started out rough with slavery, Jim Crowe, and the like, but the system also fixed those errors and brought us closer to equality; the closest we have been to equality in the whole of human history. Revolution only works when it is justified, and I can promise you that free stuff is not justification. The rights that are guaranteed in the west are good and don’t require a government to justify their existence. Only God can do that. Be smart… We are supposed to be the smart ones, right?

Soli Deo Gloria!

Image: from WallStreet.com

Published by A.W. Brooks

I am a husband, father, student, and classical Protestant Christian. My thoughts hold no authority, but they might help you shape the way you see the world. Who knows?

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