The Middle Way

Anthony W. Brooks

Opinions. What are they? Opinions are not the same as facts, though they are often treated as such. They are dangerous in that regard because, as they are muttered, they invoke emotion that pushes forth a narrative that someone wishes was the reality. As the narrative grows and takes hold of the populace these opinions become my truth and your truth and the truth of your neighbor three doors down. Yes, they are opinions, but they become something more; they become a catalyst for world building. Though, instead of fictional world building, it is a form of propaganda by which we bludgeon our political enemies.

To the point then

Recently we have experienced unknowns in our democracy. A group of rioters attempted to stop a process that is centuries old in certifying an election. The President of these United States fanned the flames that led to this action. People were killed in this violent exchange of ideas, and because of his actions there will be an impeachment trial that will happen after the inauguration of his successor. It is all unprecedented, but welcome. Why is it welcome? Isn’t it all a terrible misunderstanding? These aren’t good events… This was evil. I want to argue that it is welcome because it is the will of the people. But I also want to present another way of looking at these events, and by consequence, all events from now on.

A Qualification If I May

I am not a typical Trumpian conservative, for I have never really been comfortable with him. I enjoyed his success and criticized his failures; just like any reasonable should. When he ended the DACA program I criticized him for not having a backup plan for those who benefited from the Obama era program (which included my wife). It wasn’t their fault that they were forced into this situation, why punish them? He seemed to do it out of agenda not principal, arrogantly he attempted to force millions of these dreamers to be in violation of the law. A law in which they were once pardoned of breaking so as to obtain their visas in the first place. To me it seemed insensitive and distasteful which is why he got into office at all. The irony.

So I am not a fan of the guy. So it seems to me like he belongs in a category separate from other politicians. The same category with the bull in the china shop, perhaps? There is an objective there, but it’s not clear.

Finally! Here Comes The Point…

My point is this… let’s stop being Trump fan boys. We wanted change and for four years we got it. We got really good policy and really bad rhetoric. So let’s celebrate his successes and condemn his rhetoric. I’m sorry, sleeping with porn stars and calling them “horse-face” is not a celebratory accomplishment. Attempting to remove millions of people from a visa program is not an accomplishment. Almost doubling the price and cutting in half the time for the same program just because you didn’t get your way is not an accomplishment (or biblical ((see Leviticus 19:34)))

There is a middle way for those of us who like to be reasonable and objective. Trump was a decent president with some really dark spots. He had good ideas and evil ideas. He isn’t a god and we shouldn’t treat him like one. One can speculate that the coming days will not be as bright as they have been in the past… I hope I am wrong, but the inauguration of President Biden is only three days away. We’ll see.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Picture: the Inauguration of President Donald J. Trump…

Published by A.W. Brooks

I am a husband, father, student, and classical Protestant Christian. My thoughts hold no authority, but they might help you shape the way you see the world. Who knows?

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