In Regard To The Wilson Case: Letter Sent To The Mayor of Moscow, ID

Anthony W. Brooks

I don’t live in your city or vote in your city elections. It may seem strange that I would contact you on this matter from a small town in Texas. Politics is not my forte and I don’t know what drives your politics, but I am concerned about the politics of this particular case.

From what I understand, two teens, one 18 and one 14 decided to post stickers on windows and poles around the city that insinuate that Moscow is adopting a soviet era identity due to the recent masking mandate. For this reason the police decided to say the action and contact the parents of these youths. Nate Wilson, a local minister, who was not involved in this action, was called to pick the youths up.

From the details provided to me by reporters your city has decided to press charges against these three individuals, the youths and Rev. Wilson, on thirteen counts of illegal posting of signs on city property. This seems harsh since you would not do this with yard sale signs, etc. but the prevailing logic is that yard sale signs do not call you a soviet communist. Mr. Mayor the light in which you are being shown by this case is red. By prosecuting these three people you are proving their point. You are ridding yourself of dissenting opinions and opening yourself up to more then just stickers the next time around.

I don’t know if it is just because Nate and his sons are related to Rev. Douglas Wilson, or if it is because they oppose your masking mandate, or if it is because they are calling you a communist. I have a hard time believing that your hand is not in their fate. But please see reason. This will be a bigger story the longer you allow this to continue. If they are prosecuted their point is proven. Direct your attorneys to drop the charges and allow your people’s voices to be heard. If not, then their critique of you is seen and believed all the way down here in Texas.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Picture: The Stickers posted around Moscow, ID.

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Published by A.W. Brooks

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