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Covenant Heritage is a Christian Thought Blog that aims to speak truth and glorify God. The goal is to be foundationally Biblical, and brutally honest. The only way to know if you will like the content is to subscribe via email and follow us on WordPress!

About Anthony: “I am Christian and I am on my way to the Celestial City!”

Too many Christians allow the current culture to define their categories and enlighten their intellect. I am no such Christian, at least I try not to be. I live by the principal that I want to live all for Christ or not live at all. I want to have a thoroughly Biblical worldview or I don’t believe that anything makes sense. Christ is all I have. Everything under my headship (that is my family, vehicle, job, and home) was given to me by him and for him, so my mantra, which I stole from a rather trouble making church in Idaho somewhere, is “All of Christ for All of Life”. So I plan to live according to that standard.

You don’t get to choose when you are born, or where you are born, or who your parents are. So I don’t believe that I chose to become a Christian. Yes, there was a time where I feel that God convicted me of my sin and I prayed for forgiveness and was led to live with Christ as my head, but I believe that God chose to save me and give me the grace to believe. For this reason I am a Reformed Christian. My beliefs are that of the Reformed Protestant persuasion. My family attends Christ the King OPC in Longview Texas and we are very blessed to be a part of this church with this kind of rich heritage.

I am not an elder, pastor, deacon or any other leader in my church or denomination. I am in submission to the teaching office of my session of elders, and am quite comfortable with their feedback on all that I write. This also means that nothing that I write should be considered as having the same weight as something written by your pastor. Everything I write reflects my own opinions and does not represent the opinions of the church I attend or the denomination that I am a member, they are just that… opinions.

About Cynthia: “One Woman with God is always in the Majority…”

Cynthia is a wife and student. Becoming a Christian at the age of 18, she was then baptized and started working with the Children of the First Baptist Church of Judson Texas. She is now pursuing her degree in writing. Her and her husband, Brandon, were married in 2019 and now both reside in Gladewater Texas.

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