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Weapons that slay Dragons and help you take the ring to Mordor

Resources From Middle Earth

Listed Below are some good resources for the average Christian who wants to dive deeper into their evangelical faith. These will include Bible study links and historical information. We’ve all been where Frodo and Bilbo Baggins were in their adventures in Middle Earth. Whether it is a Fire Drake from the North, taking the Ring of Power to Mordor, or raising a feisty little one we all need to strengthen our faith in God to trust his plan. It wasn’t easy for the Children to trust Aslan, but when they did they saw the beauty of his majestic plan for their lives…

Blogs and Podcasts

When it comes to blogs and podcasts I tend to keep a blended playlist. Many of the links you see below are from different perspectives and they might not agree with each other. For instance Blog and Mablog and Reformed Forum are not in agreement with each other on certain doctrinal matters and might even say so openly in their materials. is a Baptist run ministry and so is Apologia and Desiring God, but this does not mean I don’t find them useful just because I am Presbyterian.

Apologia Studios

Blog and Mablog

Canon Press

Christ Church

Reformed Forum

Desiring God

Creeds and Confessions

The history of the church is told in her creeds. “Creed” comes from the Latin “Credo” which means “I believe”. So a creed is a statement of faith. A confession is just a longer form of a creed. Both are important if you want to learn the history of your faith. Listed below are the ecumenical creeds and Reformed Confessions of the Evangelical Faith. Everything in Evangelicalism can be traced back to this short list of documents… It wasn’t until the 19th Century that the evangelical and protestant church started to fracture. Unfortunately it was the church here in my homeland (America) that caused most of the fracturing we see continuing today.

Apostle’s Creed

Nicene Creed

Athanasian Creed

Definition of Chalcedon

Westminster Confession of Faith

Westminster Shorter Catechism

Westminster Larger Catechism

Belgic Confession of Faith

Heidelberg Catechism

Canons of Dordt

Augsburg Confession

London Baptist Confession (1689)

Articles of Religion

Christian Churches and Denominations I Trust

The Church you attend is important. If I was the father and husband in your family I would take the church that I entrusted with the raising of my family in the Lord very seriously. There is a serious depravity in the evangelical world with the style of worship and content of teaching coming from the stage of the church. So I am careful to thoughtfully and prayerfully analyze the church my family attends. So below is a multi-denominational list where the churches listed are faithful churches who deliver the gospel and strive to worship God how he demands to be worshiped.











Online Bibles

The Bible is the greatest book ever written and the only infallible guide for all things pertaining to faith, salvation, and practice. Everything else is secondary to it. There are several Bible translations available to us today and it is a tricky business to figure out which one is the best suited to our personal needs. So below are some good options to consider.




ESV Bible

NET Bible

Fun Stuff with no Category

Calvinism Spectrum Quiz

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